Caroline is a little slip of a woman who runs after life in stilettos without wasting any of it. Melting pot of femininity and elegance, she makes her multiple origins he luck , he difference, and especially her asset. Caroline gives every woman the possibility of revealing and glorifying all the facets of her personality! Her frames amaze by their colors, freshness and boldness. In her collections, she reveals tangy shades, impulsive and attractive forms. Caroline Abram’s collections are intended for all the women who want to feel beautiful, sensual, or just themselves. Remedy to the sentence «glasses do not fit me «; Caroline creates the addiction, the desire to possess them in all the colors, to coordinate them with their bags and shoes so that they become their fashion accessories. Her, collection Tête à Lunettes echoes for the Caroline Abram line dedicated to the adults: dynamic colors and translucent acetates, aiming at children from three or four years. Furthermore, she offers to the girls an accessory called bijounette, a jewel for the temple, to adorn nicely their frames, exclusivity.

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Para você que busca estilo, qualidade e design despojado para seus óculos, das marcas mais renomadas do mundo da moda. BLESS OPTICAL: pioneira em design, qualidade e atendimento especializado, há mais de 30 anos.

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