Welcome to Dolabany Eyewear collection. Dolabany Eyewear was founded over 25 years ago by Mark Dolabany. With experience as a licensed optician in the Massachusetts, Mark Dolabany designs and produces the company’s three exclusive eyewear collections. From the start, our core belief has been that eyewear should be fitted and sold in a professional and personalized environment by eye care providers. Therefore, our brands not available through “big-box” chain-stores, nor do we allow our collections to be sold on through online retailers. Dolabany Eyewear is continuously working to keep its brands exclusively available through brick & mortar locations. Furthermore, we encourage and redirect brand inquiries from the consumer to our independent partners through the website’s Store Locator. We are determined to protect and partner with the independent eye care professional and the consumer alike. These values go hand-in-hand with designing high-quality, fashionable eyewear. Our brands are produced with premium materials and exceptional workmanship. For example, our retro models are made the old-fashioned way – using high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges. Our unique designs are always at the forefront of eyewear fashion, implementing new materials and concepts, such as our latest collection frames made with TR-90 material which is extremely lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. This material can be found throughout our collections, adding function to style.

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Para você que busca estilo, qualidade e design despojado para seus óculos, das marcas mais renomadas do mundo da moda. BLESS OPTICAL: pioneira em design, qualidade e atendimento especializado, há mais de 30 anos.

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