‘Made in Germany’ is more than just a mark of excellence and a sign of outstanding quality. We have a true passion for eyewear frames, most of which have been produced using handcrafted methods for over 70 years at our original location in Germany. Many of the people who believe deeply in this philosophy have been an important part of the FLAIR family for years, some of them since they finished training. With much passion and attention to detail – from the design idea to final quality control – we produce uniquely designed glasses in our manufactory for devoted customers all over the world. Our glasses are masterpieces, and they are as special as you are: intimate personal accessories that accompany you through each day as it comes. Products and services – made in Germany – that you can trust and that hopefully make your life easier and a little more carefree!

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Para você que busca estilo, qualidade e design despojado para seus óculos, das marcas mais renomadas do mundo da moda. BLESS OPTICAL: pioneira em design, qualidade e atendimento especializado, há mais de 30 anos.

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