Minima has been conceived from the principle that glasses should enhance the face, not hide it. Armed with fifteen years' experience of marketing and selling high-tech products, Maurice Timon has developed an entirely new approach to the "glasses of tomorrow". Far beyond current trends, his first model saw the light of day in 1994, at which point a small optical revolution began. No one as yet believed in this approach but with the slim titanium sides, an unheard of level of comfort due to exceptionally lightweight material, Minima became an immediate success confirming its position as a market leader of rimless frames. Today there are some fifty designers working on innovative concepts for Minima, which is sold in more than seventy countries worldwide.

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Para você que busca estilo, qualidade e design despojado para seus óculos, das marcas mais renomadas do mundo da moda. BLESS OPTICAL: pioneira em design, qualidade e atendimento especializado, há mais de 30 anos.

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